Apart from its state of the art premises and facilities throughout the UAE, Global Procurement FZE (GP) runs a network of well integrated branches, overseas offices and companies across the world, as part of its endeavor to focus on global market and broaden the horizons. Each of GP’s offshoots is based out in logistically brilliant locations, which in turn help the team to ingeniously take care of our customers’ needs on-time as well as on budget. Our key branches and overseas offices include:

Global Procurement – UK
Established in 2011, Global Procurement FZE’s registered European branch, Global Procurement – UK is in strategically located in London. The mission of this branch is to facilitate GP’s business activities, sourcing and purchase planning all over the Europe.

Global Procurement – Shanghai
This company is being registered as a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Shanghai with the planned vision of presence in Eastern market palace of supply and procurement.

Global Procurement – IRAQ (Alam Al-Emarat for Procurement and General Trading Ltd.)
GP has primarily set up Alam al-Emarat (AE) in Basrah – Iraq’s capital of energy, industry and business – to pave the road for the company’s ambitious marketing targets in IRAQ. Founded in 2011, it operates mainly from Baghdad.